Dawn of Arcana is a manga by Rei Toma.
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"On that day, I became the enemy`s possesion", Nakaba thought as she stood there, knowing her destiny was to be married for convenience to keep the peace between her country Senan and Prince Caesar`s country, Belquat; two neighbor countries on an island. Between the two countries, there has been a constant war for 200 years and Nakaba has become a sacrificial goat for her country despite the discrimination of her red hair and of the sub-person (half-human, half-animal) Loki, who is her only friend and attendant at Caesar`s estranged palace. But what will Nakaba do when she foresees an event pertaining to Prince Caesar`s demise? Will she save him? Or let him die in return to all the hate directed towards her by the people of Belquat?


Dawn of Arcana or Reimei no Arcana is a shojo fantasy manga. Please feel free to edit.

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