Lemiria on the cover of volume 6, English edition

Lemiria is the younger sister of Bellinus and Nakaba's first real friend her age.

Lemiria often acts as if her brother's word is law.  Despite this, when Caesar returned to Belquat without Nakaba and found that Bellinus had arranged a marriage with Princess Louise, who had been his dead half-brother's fiancee, Lemiria argued that Caesar shouldn't give in to her brother so readily.

She is loyal to both Caesar and Nakaba, partly because her Arcana allows her to see the feelings between both of them and what they intend to achieve.

Lemiria and ArcanaEdit

She knows of Arcana powers and discovers that Nakaba posseses the Arcana of Time. Lemiria herself has the Arcana of Heartsight, the ability to see a person's true intentions.